Jeremy Theisen of Craveworthy Brands Discusses Menu Optimization and Strategy

Jeremy Theisen speaks on a panel at the recent Fast Casual Executive Summit - Jeremy Theisen, Craveworthy Brands' Chief Growth Officer sat with fellow restaurant Executives at the recent Fast Casual Executive Summit in Louisville, KY.

When asked about the impact of menu optimization on brands, Theisen shared his wide range of responsibilities, which include overseeing new franchise development, technology, and marketing. He emphasized the importance of having a POS system that allows the brand to digitally build its menu, especially since they run their own virtual brands out of their restaurants. Theisen also highlighted the immeasurable employee satisfaction that comes from getting the technology right in the restaurant.

When it comes to enhancing the performance of their employees, Craveworthy Brands is set to launch a comprehensive corporate training program at the start of the upcoming year. While training is undoubtedly crucial for the brand's success, they also believe in the significance of having leaders who are fully engaged with the operations. Theisen emphasized the expectation of being present in the store, stating, "There's no better place to learn than in the store." In order to maintain this focus on learning and development, the brand ensures that their regionals, general managers, and training teams are always present in the restaurants, eliminating the need for an office staff. This approach allows for a more hands-on and immersive learning experience, fostering a strong sense of commitment and dedication among the employees.

According to Theisen, the key to enhancing the customer experience lies in the brands' technology partners. He stressed the importance of getting the POS system right as it serves as the foundation for everything else. Craveworthy Brands has established strong relationships with its digital order and loyalty partners, although they are still in the process of learning about the kiosks in some of their restaurants.

However, Theisen emphasized that it's not just about the consumers, but also about the employees. The introduction of new technologies in their stores has made a world of difference for the employees. These restaurants prioritize fresh food, and the speed at which orders are printed in the back of the restaurants is crucial in reducing cook times. Even something as simple as improving the order of modifiers for the brands' build lines can have a significant impact.

Ultimately, Craveworthy Brands understands that investing in the right technology and ensuring employee satisfaction are vital components in creating an exceptional customer experience.

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