Gregg Majewski Discusses Innovation, Growth, and Empowering Employees in the Restaurant Industry on A Deeper Dive Podcast

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This mini-documentary takes a look at Gregg Majeweski's journey through building Genghis Grill

Key Takeaways

Starting with Good Food & Hospitality

Craveworthy Brands was formed from Gregg Majewski’s idea of having a place where franchisees can do good work, make good food, and maintain high standards of hospitality through growth.

Leveraging Ghost Kitchens for Franchise Revenue

Craveworthy Brands was in its beginning stages when COVID paused the world. Being the savvy industry vet that he is, Majewski was able to adapt to a new model of “ghost kitchens” to help his franchisors have another revenue stream.

Commitment to Greatness

Gregg Majewski doesn’t take having employees lightly. He has made it a mission to create an environment where a positive work ethic is instilled and can be implemented regardless of the long term career choice of employees.


In a recent appearance on A Deeper Dive podcast powered by Restaurant Business, Craveworthy’s Gregg Majewski shared his vision for creating a platform that upholds high standards of food quality and hospitality. 

Craveworthy Brands was born from Majewski’s aspiration to provide a space where franchisees can thrive by doing good work and maintaining excellence.

“I wanted to create a platform company done by restaurant people and not by the people. And I wanted to create a place where restaurant operators could actually go operate their restaurants and operate them with the principles that we find dear to our heart.” Majewski explained,  “Making sure hospitality was right, making sure food is always key, and not just growing, because you have to grow.”

In this interview that took place during FSTEC, Majewski also demonstrated his industry acumen by discussing Craveworthy Brands pivot towards a ghost kitchen model, providing a crucial additional revenue stream for franchisors. He saw the potential in this emerging model to support restaurants during challenging times.
“An opportunity that came in during COVID” Majewski noted. “I saw a model being formed that actually made a lot of sense. If the franchisor owned them and if the franchisor was the one operating them, they could help their franchisees with this additional revenue and still make money.”

From the beginning, Majewski has placed a strong emphasis on creating a positive work environment and instilling a robust work ethic in his employees. For him, these traits are important regardless of employees' long-term career paths. He takes pride in the impact his leadership has on his team members, both professionally and personally. 

In his words, “ I take great pride in the fact that when somebody walks into my restaurant and puts in an application and it's their first job, it's my responsibility to give them tools to better their lives.”

Majewski's appearance on the A Deeper Dive podcast provides valuable insights into the founding principles of Craveworthy Brands, the innovative use of ghost kitchens to support franchisees, and his commitment to fostering a positive and impactful work culture. His approach highlights his dedication to excellence in the restaurant industry.

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About Gregg Majewski

Gregg Majewski has a vast amount of experience as a corporate executive in the restaurant industry. As the former CEO of Jimmy John’s, he played a major role in expanding the franchise from 33 to 300+ stores in just 5 years by surrounding the company’s marketing strategy around the innovative approach of delivering sandwiches and being “freaky fast”. Majewski has worked to develop restaurant concepts over the last two plus decades, before starting Craveworthy Brands in 2023, which currently includes a growing portfolio of restaurant brands.


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