No Such Thing as a Boneless Wing: Boneless Bites and Franchising, The Winning Duo

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In the fiercely growing wing sector, Wing It On! proudly stands as the undisputed champion with its Boneless Bites, setting a new standard for quality and flavor while inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to join its team. 

Crafting Wing Excellence with Hand-Battered, Whole Muscle Chicken 

The demand for chicken wings remains a true winner, with Americans consuming over 1.4 billion wings during major events such as Super Bowl weekend alone. At Wing It On!, we ensure wing nuts are well taken care of with true “boneless,” high-quality chicken that many other concepts do not serve.  

Prepared with top-grade whole muscle chicken, meticulously diced into thirds and expertly hand-battered and dipped in homemade sauce, each bite delivers an authentic taste. This meticulous process showcases our unwavering commitment to real wing tradition and sets us apart in the market.  

As Wing It On! Brand President and Co-Founder Matt Ensero often says, "There’s no such thing as boneless wings. What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of quality." 

How Wing It On! is Knocking Out the Competition with Winning Wings  

Investing in a franchise opportunity with Wing It On! means aligning with a brand that embodies the spirit of a winner and presents an exciting opportunity for champion entrepreneurs: 

  • Unparalleled Quality: Crafted from whole muscle chicken, our Boneless Bites offer fresh and clean products, appealing to all guests who crave genuine flavor.  
  • Unique Competitive Edge: Unlike typical "boneless wings" that cut corners with filler, our Boneless Bites are crafted from scratch, ensuring each piece reflects our dedication to superior texture and efficient operations.  
  • Knockout Customer Base: With a diverse array of sauce and rub options for the Boneless Bites, Wing It On! attracts a wide customer base and supports profitability for franchise partners. 

Franchise with a Wing Champion Today  

Ready to step into the ring and dominate the wing industry? Contact us at or fill out our franchise form to explore the Wing It On! difference and learn more about how we are building a legacy rooted in an authentic wing experience.  

Sources:National Chicken Council  

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