Craveworthy Team Member Spotlight: Bobby Musser of Genghis Grill

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At Craveworthy Brands, we believe that our team members are the heart and soul of everything we do. 

Welcome to our 'Team Member Spotlight' series where we shine a light on the incredible individuals who make up our diverse and talented team across Craveworthy Brands and our concepts. 

Meet Bobby Musser, our newly-promoted Director of Operations of Craveworthy Brand's stir-fry bowl concept Genghis Grill. Learn more about Bobby's journey, achievements and favorites!

How long have you been with Craveworthy Brands?

I started October 2022, so nearly two years. 

What's your favorite thing about working here?

The ability to make an impact on the Brand and even company. Craveworthy Brands' leadership is constantly supporting and encouraging us to step up, try new things and pursue different areas and passions within operations—marketing, business intelligence, culinary. This aspect of its culture is both engaging and extremely rewarding. 

What does a typical day look like for you in your role?

There are no “typical” days in my role but more often than not, I'm in one of the restaurants doing any number of things to support our teams and help drive the Genghis Grill brand. Some days, you’ll find me working through any ops execution items, dropping sample bowls or coupons in the market or driving away at my latest R&M project. I truly love being in the restaurants with my teams! 

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Supporting people’s successes, professional or personal. Whether it's daily wins in the restaurant, helping someone develop into a management role or break through development challenges or even supporting a team member to graduate school or get a new apartment. Being a part of my team's journey is by far the most rewarding aspect of my job.

What's a project or achievement you're particularly proud of?

I'm particularly proud of advocating for manpower and marketing. For manpower, I create the bench plan layout as well as a system for identifying and developing internal promotion candidates. And even better, I'm able to support different candidates through the system and promote multiple team members into management positions. For marketing, I have the freedom and confidence given to really drive the brand and our local store marketing efforts forward to build a foundation for catering success. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone just starting in your field?

“It’s just chopsticks and fried rice!” Don’t over stress and over complicate the inevitable day-to-day challenges that are guaranteed in our industry. Stay calm, focus on what you can control and lead your team toward a solution. Never be afraid to ask for help and remember that kindness, politeness and a genuine smile go a long way! 

How do you stay motivated and inspired at work?

I stay motivated and inspired by remaining grateful every day. I also continue to value the true power of a positive mindset and energy, and how it can have an impact on shaping the different situations or people you interact with throughout each day. 

Speed Round

  • Coffee or tea? COFFEE! Always cold and lots of it!
  • Early bird or night owl? A little bit of both, though I’d always prefer to sleep in.
  • Favorite vacation destination? Florida's always a favorite—but really anywhere with warm weather, pretty beaches, limited cell service and maybe a decent golf course to sneak away to!
  • Favorite movie or TV show? Any British crime, police or spy show. There's something about the properness and prestige of both the behavior and the way they speak the English language that I love.
  • Favorite food? Pepperoni pizza with ranch. 
  • One item you can't live without? My truck! It literally has any and everything I could ever need - believe me! 
  • Favorite hobby or pastime outside of work: Nerf battles, arcades, zombies and any other adventure my six-year-old boy’s imagination takes us on!
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Machu Picchu, Peru; Stonehenge, England; or The Great Pyramids in Egypt. I’m a big history buff, especially ancient history, and would love to see the sites of different ancient historical achievements. I'm also an even more ancient alien believer, so seeing these sites in person [and maybe judging for myself] would be even more incredible!

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