Redefining the Buffalo Wing Experience: Wing It On!'s Trifecta for The Perfect Wing

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In the world of wings, Wing It On! does not just lead—it dominates. Our commitment to redefining the buffalo wing experience extends beyond flavor; it encompasses a golden franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who share our passion for taste and culinary innovation.  

 At Wing It On!, we champion what Matt Ensero, Brand President and Co-Founder, coins the "unicorn wing"—a perfectly balanced medium size that hits the sweet spot every time. Paired with our crispy wings, America's best Buffalo sauce, and our fresh, house-made dipping sauces, this winning combination forms the backbone of what makes our wings unrivaled titleholders in America's growing wing obsession 

A Culinary Knockout Every Bite, Every Time 

"We don’t just sell wings; we celebrate them," said Ensero. 

This philosophy fuels our mission to exceed expectations for our franchise partners and guests respectively with:  

  • Perfectly, Crispy Wings: Crafted from top quality chicken, each piece is expertly cooked to achieve a satisfying crunch that defines the Wing It On! standard. As Ensero also puts it, we aim for the "Goldilocks zone" of wings—not too big, not too small, but just right.
  • America's Best Buffalo Sauce: No red-tinted, corn syrup or pre-made bottled sauces. Our secret sauce is made with a blend of butter and Frank’s Red Hots along with additional fresh and tangy ingredients, to create an authentic Buffalo sauce with a bright, orange hue just like our brand. These elements enhance the true, natural flavors of our wings to perfection.
  • Fresh, Handcrafted Dipping Sauces: We always complete our wing experience with our daily prepared ranch and blue cheese dips. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of consistency. Our dips are never watery; they are rich, thick and full of flavor. 

Become a Heavyweight in Wing Franchising 

Are you ready to bring the Wing It On! experience to your community and seize the franchise opportunity that champions quality, authenticity and customer satisfaction? Step into the ring and become a part of Wing It On!'s legacy in the making—one wing at a time. Contact us at or fill out our franchise form today to learn how you can join our winning team.  

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