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Gregg Majewski’s onstage Interview at FSTEC Conference about hospitality being a key to restaurant success, his dislike for technology in restaurants, and being first in business.

Key Takeaways

Hospitality is the Key to Success in the Restaurant Industry

Gregg Majewski is about service. More specifically, he pushes his franchisees to put the guest first, ensuring that all processes and systems are created with the customer in mind.

Technology's Current Place in the Restaurant Experience

For Gregg Majewski, it is important that the human elements remain within a restaurant. Technology has made ordering easier and other aspects, such as gathering feedback, more efficient. However, Majewski believes that is where technology would work so that human interaction, the crux of the restaurant industry. Increases.

Timing and Patience Over Being First in Business

Being first is not always best according to Gregg Majewski. Instead, he says to let those with the largest margin for error work out the kinks. That way, the best of the best will remain so, making the decision on which one to employ much clearer.


What is FSTEC?

FSTEC is “where restaurants and tech connect”. The conference is a premier gathering of visionaries and innovators in the technology and foodservice industries, recently featured in a compelling presentation by Craveworthy Brands CEO, Gregg Majewski. 

With a profound emphasis on hospitality, Majewski shared his insights on putting customers first, the role of technology in the restaurant experience, and the strategic importance of timing and patience in business decisions.

Putting The Guest First

At FS Tech, Majewski expressed his belief that a company's success hinges on its dedication to service, specifically putting the guest at the forefront of every decision. His vision is clear: prioritize hospitality in day-to-day operations to not only win over guests but also to create a profitable environment for franchisees.

"I believe that a company's process has to be all about who you're serving. And in the restaurant industry, we serve our guests," Majewski asserted. 

In the age of technological advancements, Majewski acknowledges the role of technology in enhancing the restaurant experience but cautions against losing the human touch. While technology has streamlined ordering and feedback processes, Majewski underscores the importance of preserving the essence of human interaction within a restaurant. 

The Importance of Tech in the Ordering Experience

"Technology is the new way for customers to order. It's a new way for you to be present when they want food," Majewski stated. “​​The importance of technology is to make the ordering experience better, but to not replace the level of hospitality…I'm not a fan of technology that eliminates the personal touch of a restaurant”

In a world that often applauds being the first to market, Majewski presents a contrarian perspective. He advises industry players to exercise caution and patience, letting others with more resources and margin for error work out the initial challenges. His strategic approach involves waiting for established players to navigate the complexities, ensuring that when the time is right, the decision-making landscape becomes clearer. 

"Take your time. Don't be the first one to roll out anything," Majewski urged. “All these companies that start today, AI, for example, there's 14 or 15 of them here trying to preach to us, what's the right one. In that time, when it's finally the right choice, there'll be three of them. All three of them will be the best out there. 


ABOUT FSTEC Conference

FSTEC is a conference put on by Informa Connect Foodservice Vertical that puts together the best the restaurant industry has to offer and the latest technological innovations. Their tagline “where restaurants and tech connect” is showcased by the various industry leaders that grace the stage for interviews and panels.

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Gregg Majewski has a vast amount of experience as a corporate executive in the restaurant industry. As the former CEO of Jimmy John’s, he played a major role in expanding the franchise from 33 to 300+ stores in just 5 years by surrounding the company’s marketing strategy around the innovative approach of delivering sandwiches and being “freaky fast”. Majewski has worked to develop restaurant concepts over the last two plus decades, before starting Craveworthy Brands in 2023, which currently includes a growing portfolio of restaurant brands.


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