Introducing: Room For Seconds with Gregg Majewski

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Step into a world of inspiration with Room for Seconds, a dynamic digital series hosted by former CEO of Jimmy John’s and visionary leader of Craveworthy Brands, Gregg Majewski. 

This engaging show is for restaurant moguls and dreamers and doers everywhere. Through riveting conversations with captivating personalities from business and hospitality, Room for Seconds celebrates the rewarding journey of turning dreams into reality. Each episode offers a unique perspective, showcasing the tenacity and heart required to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. 

“It’s my chance to get you the same leadership and the same mentorship across the board.” says Majewski of Room for Seconds.

Whether you're seeking entrepreneurial wisdom or hospitality insights, Room for Seconds delivers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. As Majewski explains the show is most importantly “about you, telling the story of you, the restaurant worker, and how you can be successful in the industry.”

Join us as Majewski delves into the stories of courage, ambition, and empathy that define the path to success. This transformative journey and let the inspiration flow as we explore the transformative power of passion and perseverance.

Be sure to follow along on YouTube for all the latest episodes. 

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