Nation's Restaurant News: The Restaurant Industry’s Most Influential Marketers of 2024

Nation's Restaurant News 2024 Power List Reader's Picks

Every year, Nation’s Restaurant News' (NRN) editors put together its 'Power Lists,' and this year the publication reintroduced its 'Reader Picks' series, where it asks for reader nominations for the list.

Back in March, NRN asked its readers: "Who do you think fits either of those above descriptions?" It invited them to nominate a marketer or an influencer, and received hundreds of submissions.

NRN went all in on the influential aspect of its lists, selecting not only innovative restaurant marketers putting influence to use for their brands or influencers in front of the camera who are motivating consumer behavior but founders and executives influencing the industry through their businesses.

In 2024, Craveworthy Brands' CEO and Founder Gregg Majewski was nominated by the leading publication's readers as one of the restaurant industry's influential marketers. 

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