Tips for Successful Brand Acquisition with Gregg Majewski on Fast Casual Nation Podcast

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This mini-documentary takes a look at Gregg Majeweski's journey through building Genghis Grill

Key Takeaways

Brand Acquisition Strategy

Craveworthy Brands has seen extreme success with their restaurant portfolio due to their visionary approach to the company’s they acquire.

Staying Relevant in the Restaurant Industry

As the consumers change, restaurants will need to adapt to ensure they remain competitive. The positive, according to Gregg Majewski, is that power industry titans have successfully done so. Therefore, it is possible to remain relevant during shifting times.

Hospitality as the Common Thread

Gregg Majewski has built Craveworthy Brands with a litany of restaurant brands that are different from each other. However, under the company umbrella, each brand is charged with keeping classic hospitality principles as a priority during times of technological advancement.


Craveworthy Brand’s CEO Gregg Majewski joined host Paul Barron on The Fast Casual Nation Podcast for a candid conversation that included topics such as acquiring brands like Wing It On!, staying top of mind with a younger audience, and having hospitality at the forefront of all business despite increased technology implementation in the industry.

Craveworthy Brands has achieved remarkable success with its restaurant portfolio through a visionary acquisition approach. Rather than constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, Majewski’s strategy includes looking for brands that have an opportunity to be an improved version of what is already being done.

“So we look for brands that have white space available to them,” highlighted Majewski. “And it doesn't mean that it has to be a brand that doesn't have a ton of competitors. It has to have white space in the means that you can do it either better or with quick growth with somebody else that has already done it.”

As consumer preferences evolve, restaurants must adapt to remain competitive. It is especially important to capture the hearts of the younger generation to create long-term customers. Majewski takes cues from industry titans on how to stay relevant across generations.

“McDonald's has done it now multiple times,” emphasized Majewski. “You've got to stay current and relative to the next great generation. And so you have to find different ways to advertise to them, different ways to reach them, and different ways to serve them.”

Majewski has built Craveworthy Brands by bringing together a diverse range of restaurant brands, each with its own service model. Despite their differences, each brand prioritizes classic hospitality principles, even amid technological advancements. Majewski has gone on record discussing his reluctance to include artificial intelligence in the front of house due to his dedication to creating a top-tier guest experience. That thought process has been infused into Craveworthy Brands.

“The one common theme that we've stressed in everything that we do is that hospitality is the most important thing we do, and especially now.”

Gregg Majewski's appearance on the Fast Casual Nation Show highlights the strategic vision driving Craveworthy Brands' success. Craveworthy Brands' growth story is a testament to innovation and excellence in the fast casual dining industry. Tune into the Fast Casual Nation Show for more insights and updates.

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The Fast Casual Nation Podcast is the longest-running and most influential podcast in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Hosted by Paul Barron, the visionary founder of, the Fast Casual Top 100, and the Fast Casual Executive Summit, this weekly podcast offers unparalleled insights into the latest trends and future direction of the fast-casual sector.

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About Gregg Majewski

Gregg Majewski has a vast amount of experience as a corporate executive in the restaurant industry. As the former CEO of Jimmy John’s, he played a major role in expanding the franchise from 33 to 300+ stores in just 5 years by surrounding the company’s marketing strategy around the innovative approach of delivering sandwiches and being “freaky fast”. Majewski has worked to develop restaurant concepts over the last two plus decades, before starting Craveworthy Brands in 2023, which currently includes a growing portfolio of restaurant brands.


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